Experienced Jumpers: Welcome Home

Whether you're a newly A-License holder or have had your D-License for decades, there's a place for you at Skydive Indianapolis. We seek to be welcoming, eschew cliques, and provide opportunities for jumps, skill building and just making friends. 


Grow Your Skills

We offer a variety of skill building camps, contests and training opportunities. If you want your coach, tandem or AFF instructor rating, we offer that too.  

Get Your Gear


Goggles, helmets, log books, altimeters... we have you covered. If you need a new parachute, container, jumpsuit or more, know that we're a certified dealer for virtually every parachute and skydive gear manufacturer in the industry. 


If you're new to the sport, traveling or just don't have your gear ready, we have full rigs, helmets and jumpsuits for rent. Our rates are $39 per jump or $100 for the day.

Full Rigging Services

To jump at Skydive Indianapolis, you must be a USPA member and have a valid repack date on your reserve. To make your life easier, we have a FFA-certified master rigger and rigger on staff.



Lowest Jump Prices 

$20. Full altitude. Every day we're open. 

It's one of the lowest—if not the THE lowest—price for fun jumps in the country. And there's a reason for our madness: We want you to jump and jump often. Twenty dollar jumps are just our way to help.