What are people saying about Skydive Indianapolis? 

We could tell you how awesome our staff is, how incredible our skydive experience or how welcoming the skydive experience, but we thought you'd rather hear it from others. 



Trip Advisor, 5 stars

Certificate of Excellence 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

I decided on a Tuesday that I wanted to skydive, and the first day I could go was Friday, so I cancelled everything and went. I loved it so much I went twice in one day.  – VandiEnzor, 2017

I HIGHLY recommend Skydive Indianapolis to everyone!!! Tim and I will definitely be back!!!!! This experience has changed our lives!!!!  – Kelli, 2017

Skydive Indy is absolutely amazing!! They have a super laid back atmosphere with very experienced instructors that made me feel safe and relaxed.  – Christin, 2017


Facebook, 4.9 stars

If I could give 50 stars, I would!! I really couldn't have had a better first jump!  – Emily N., 2017

Unbelievable experience matched by even more unbelievable staff. They made the experience quick and easy. I will definitely be booking a second jump...  – Austin T., 2017

Oh my gosh, that was sooo much fun! Justin had me strapped to his chest TWICE because it was so amazing I just HAD to jump twice!  – Jennifer A., 2017


Google, 4.9 stars

Please, do yourself the favor and go to Skydive Indy. I cannot tell you how fantastic the ride is, because words can't do it justice. Experience it, because life needs to be lived and this is an epic way to do just that.  – Gretchen E., 2017

Best experience of my life! So glad I went! I was very impressed with Andre! Talked me through the entire process! Thanks to all staff! Loved my pictures! Very safe!!!! MUST DO!  – Corey B., 2017

Wanna have a blast go to skydive Indianapolis!!! This was on my bucket list for years and was everything I expected and wanted it to be and more! – Jeff B., 2017


YELP, 4.5 stars

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These guys are 100% professional and know what they're doing. They do everything they can to make your jump a good experience and keep you safe. The atmosphere is great and it takes alot of stress away from you even though I was scared to death! My first airplane ride, my first tandem skydiving experience, and it all happened to fall on Friday the 13'nth. – Brent D., 2017

Wow........ I cannot say enough good things about this company!!!!!!   Absolutely amazing experience by an absolutely amazing staff Bob and his crew are the absolute best.   This was my first jump and I am so very glad I found and chose this company.  They were so careful and thorough with an amazing attention to every single detail.  – Philip L., 2017

.In. Freaking. Credible.  – Leila V., 2017



Best Sky Diving, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014