Ways to prepare for AFF training during the off-season

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Thinking about Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and learning to skydive solo?  

Maybe you’ve made a few tandem skydives and are ready to take the next step, maybe you know you want to be a licensed skydiver and are ready to get to work. In any case, here are a few tips help you prepare for the experience ahead.

1.     Get in some tunnel time.

Any skydiver will tell you that the tunnel time can be a game changer. There’s no better way to work on and develop your free fall skills when we’re off season.

With the help of your instructors, you’ll learn about body positioning, proper technique and how a slight adjustment can make a tremendous difference. When it comes time to be in the skies, your familiarity with free fall will be a big help and a confidence booster.

Know that wind tunnel time isn’t cheap, but we think you’ll find it worth it.

For example, iFLY Chicago Naperville has a 2-flight package for $69.95, which includes 2 flights that are the equivalent of 3 free falls from 12000 feet, gear, pre-flight training and one-on-one instruction.

While there are no wind tunnels in Indiana, there are three options in the Chicago area. You can learn more about each of them through the links below:

iFly Chicago-Naperville

iFly Chicago-Rosemont

iFly Chicago-Lincoln Park

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2.     Check out the United States Parachute Association’s (USPA) skydive training videos.

To graduate AFF and get your A-License, you must progress from one level to the next. The USPA has a YouTube channel devoted to helping you.

Visit the USPA channel here. And you’ll find a full library of videos that demonstrate the free fall skills and canopy skills you need to master for each jump.

Talk to an experienced skydiver.

These individuals can be a wealth of information, insight and inspiration. Most are passionate about the sport and love to share their knowledge.

To learn more about our AFF program go here

To learn more about our AFF and A-License program, and how long it takes to complete them, read our blog.