Make the most of your skydive photos

This is the second in a series designed to help you make the most of your skydive photos—and your skydive experience. Here are five more tips from the skydive videographers at Skydive Indianapolis. Enjoy! 

1.  Hold onto your videographers hand, and let him or her take you for a spin.

Hang on and let your skydive videographer take you for a spin

2. Show your skydive videographer have much you love free falling!

Make a heart during free fall

3. For AFF tandems, you'll wear an altimeter so you'll know how high you are. Check your altimeter, then share the altitude with your skydive videographer. He or she wants to know! 

What's your altitude? Your skydive instructor wants to know!

4. Play rock, paper and scissors, free fall-style!

Play rock paper scissors with your videographer

5. Can't believe you jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet and you're loving it? Give your skydive videographer a thumbs up! 

Give your videographer a big thumbs up!

6. Easiest and best one of all, SMILE for the camera!

Smile, you're free falling!

Your skydive video and photos will be a great way for you to relive and share your amazing skydive experience. And there are lots of ways to share your amazing pictures, from your screen saver at work to the wallpaper on your phone to emails with your YouTube link. Have fun up there and make the most of your jump!