5 things to do with your skydive videographer

What do you do with your skydive videographer when you're in free fall? There are lots of ways to make your videos and photos more memorable and picture perfect. Here are five tips from the videographers at Skydive Indianapolis.

IDEA #1.  Be fierce during you free fall and make like a tiger!

Make a like a tiger in free fall

IDEA #2. Your videographer is using all his or her flying skills and camera expertise to take awesome pics of you, why not blow 'em a kiss?

Blow your skydive videographer a kiss

IDEA #3. If this is the most awesome experience ever, give your videographer a high-five.

Give your videographer a high five

IDEA #4. Hey, you just jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet, why not act a little terrified for the pics!

Give your skydive videographer your scared face

IDEA #5. Why not use your free fall as a way to get your message across? Just write a message on your hands with a sharpy and show it to your skydive videographer during free fall.

Show your skydive videographer a message

There are lots of other great ways to make your skydive video and photos memorable! Check back for more ideas and share some of your own!