First-time skydiver tips: What to wear for your skydive

The questions we hear most often aren't about going from 13,000 feet to 5,000 in 60 seconds, free falling at 120 mph, or even landing. Nope, they're about clothes, shoes, even fabrics. This actually makes sense to us. After all, wearing something uncomfortable or unintentionally inappropriate can make your experience less awesome. And who wants that?  Hopefully, the following tips will help.

Think about the weather. 

Here’s a helpful rule of thumb: For every 1,000 feet you ascend, it's one degree cooler. Our full altitude is 13,000 feet. So if it’s 60 degrees on the ground, it’s going to be 47 degrees in free fall. You may not want to be in shorts and a t-shirt. If it’s cool out, we recommend you dress in layers, so you have the option to add or subtract clothing before you get geared up. We also have jumpsuits you can wear.

Be comfortable. 

If you’re comfortable in yoga pants, wear yoga pants. If you always wear basketball shorts, wear basketball shorts. If a tux or a superhero costume is your thing, go for it!

Keep your shoes on. 

At 120 mph, flip flops fly off your feet. (Say that 10 times fast!) That’s why we only allow shoes that stay on, like tennis shoes. Seriously. Know that if you show up with flip flops or clogs, we're going to politely ask you to jump barefoot.

Skydiving group dresses for the occasion

Smile—and dress—for the camera. 

If you’re getting video and/or photos of your skydiving experience—and you definitely should—think about what you’re wearing. Have a t-shirt or sweatshirt that represents your team, school, organization or workplace? Wear it.

If you’re jumping with a group, you can all dress for the occasion. It's a great way to make your cause known and really strengthen your team spirit. And it looks great in pictures.  (Who can forget Team Splat?!)

Conversely, if you’re wearing something, well, off-color, the kind of thing that could make your mom or a future employer blush, you may want to reconsider.

A word to the ladies… If you’re wearing something kinda low cut, like a t-shirt with a deep scoop neck,   know it will scoop even more during free fall. Also, if you’re wearing short shorts, understand that you will also be wearing a harness. ‘Nuff said.

IUDM Skydiving for good

Make a statement.

Want to share your philosophy, cause, emotions or sense of humor? Write on. Your hands, that is. Use a Sharpie to write your message, and our expert videographers will capture it in free fall.

Sunglasses, no. Eyeglasses, maybe.

 Eyewear falls in the "stuff you don't want to lose in free fall" category. There's no need for sunglasses. You will be wearing goggles during your skydive, and your instructor will give these to you on the plane. If you need to wear glasses under these goggles you can, but if you don’t need them, don’t wear them. There are cubbies in the office where we can store your sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Jewelry, wallets, keys don't belong in free fall.

Don’t wear anything important, valuable, treasured or irreplaceable in free fall. You’ll be flying at 120 mph, and it’s just easier and less worrisome to leave your jewelry at home, wallet in your car, and keys with friends or in our office.

Don’t know what to do with your hair? 

You know how your hair blows in the wind? Just imagine how it will blow in free fall! Trust us, you will have a much better experience (and so will your instructor) if you can contain it via a ponytail, braid, whatever works.

A no go on GoPro. 

We understand you have one, you want to use it, and you’re willing to take the responsibility and risk. But we’re not. The only safe way to wear a GoPro while skydiving is with a skydiving mount on a skydiving helmet. Not a chest mount. Not a wrist mount. A helmet mounts. If you look around, you’ll see this is what our experienced, licensed skydivers use.

However, USPA regulations prohibit tandem students from wearing helmets as it presents a risk to their instructor and thus, themselves. (Think a student whacking their instructor in the forehead with a helmet during free fall or an exit.)

We know it would be awesome to chronicle your jump with your GoPro. But our number one priority is to keep you safe.

Ready to get in the sky? Now that you know what to wear, it's time to prepare for your first skydive! To learn more about Skydive Indianapolis or to book your jump, visit our website. If you have further questions about what to wear on your next skydive, give us a call at 800-990-5509.