10 post A-License tips

Congrats on getting your A-License! It's quite an achievement and we have 10 tips to help you make the most of this time. 

A-License jumper partners with D-License


After getting an A-License, new skydivers face what could be the most difficult phase of their skydiving career — transitioning from a hands-on student to a new jumper. Here are some tips to make that transition as smooth, safe, and successful as possible.

1. Engage with more experienced jumpers at the DZ. Introduce yourself, ask questions, take advantage of coach jumps, and have a videographer go up with you every once in a while so you can see your form and where you need to improve.

2. Come to experienced skydiver events, cookouts and parties. Hey, this is a community and it’s more fun if you’re part of it!

3. ASK QUESTIONS about which jumps will help you progress, exit strategies, tracking tips, canopy control. Experienced jumpers want to help young skydivers who want to learn!

4. Find Stage Two jumpers to be your jump partners. Consider splitting the cost of the more experienced skydiver's jump ticket. You’ll improve faster and meet more experienced jumpers this way.

5. Find out what skills you need to participate in relative work. Then make a plan to work on those skills.

6. Get some tunnel time. No, it’s not the same as jumping out of a plane but it’s a great way to hone your skills.

7. Take advantage of courses and coaching. If your DZ is offering a canopy control class, take it!

8. Make sure you excel at the basics before you move into advanced skills, especially free flying.

9. Stick with it! Like anything else, getting to the next level can be frustrating. You’ll hit plateaus, some skills will be harder than others to master, but don’t give up. Ask for help. Get some coaching. Persevere and you’ll get through to the next level.

10. Pass it on.As you advance and become more experienced, share your knowledge with newer skydivers and help them progress as well.

Based on an article from Parachutist magazine, December 2008