Skydivers Over Sixty (SOS) Sets a State Record at Skydive Indianapolis

Skydive record at Skydive Indianapolis

Is sixty the new fifty? Forty?

Last fall, on October 14th, a group of 60-ish skydivers showed that a mere number wasn't going to hold them back, as they set the SOS (Skydivers over Sixty) formation record at Skydive Indianapolis.

Breaking the record required 11 skydivers in formation.  To be official, the formation had to be precisely planned on the ground before the skydivers ever entered the plane. The skydive was videotaped in the air, verified by a USPA Safety and Training Advisor (S&TA) and then sent to SOS organization. In addition, all skydiving participants had to be 60 years or older and card-carrying USPA members.

Record-setting Skydivers over Sixty

The divers who set this record were organizer Ed Zell, Dana Parker, Mike McCormick, Jim Trimby, Paul Cochran, Dick Pigg, Tim Guy, Darry Harmon, Stan Meyer, Bob Summers, Jim Nelson, and Art Cross. All have well over 1,000 jumps each.

The jump meant a lot to the participants, but it should also be an inspiration. As Ed Zell, who organized the skydiving record, explained: “All of us have 20 years in skydiving, some a lot more, and we’re committed to keeping this sport alive. Yes, we’re seniors, but we’re also very active and capable of doing things that many people would never dream to do.“